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Apartments and Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in Santa Croce Florence - Lodging in the Santa Croce Italy
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By location:
 Firenze  (33)
Santa Maria Novella  (3)
Santa Croce  (3)
San Marco  (3)
San Lorenzo  (4)
Repubblica - Duomo  (1)
Ponte Vecchio  (12)
Pitti - Santo Spirito  (1)
Fortezza  (1)
Duomo  (4)
Campi Bisenzio  (1)
 Napoli  (7)
 Roma  (7)
 Lucca  (2)
 Venezia  (2)
 Bologna  (1)
 Catania  (1)
 Ferrara  (1)
 Lecce  (1)
By type of accommodation:
 Apartments in Farmhouse  (16)
 Bed and Breakfast  (9)
 Apartment  (8)
 3 star hotel  (1)
 2 star hotel  (1)

The Piazza di Santa Croce is located in the eastern part of the historical centre of Florence. It is a large square dominated by the Franciscan Basilica that at various times has been worked on by a star-studded cast of Florentine architects and masters, from Brunelleschi to Vasari and Giotto to Donatello. Piazza Santa Croce plays host to the Calcio in Costume historical football each summer in which the hefty men of the four quartiers of Florence battle it out in an ancient mix of wrestling and soccer, cheered on by residents and vistors alike. For most of the year however the square is a peaceful open space, surrounded by stately palazzi and intimate pizzerias and restaurants.

Vacation Rental in Firenze

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Firenze, Today's accommodation selection :

Apartment Toscana Firenze - Santa Croce 2008
6 Reviews
Owner was wonderful - a lovely person and ....
Weekly Price: Min. € 500 Max. € 500
Apartment Toscana Firenze - Via Ghibellina Apartment 2149
Daily Price: Min. € 115 Max. € 155
Bed and Breakfast Toscana Firenze - Santa Croce 472
Daily Price: Min. € 130 Max. € 195

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