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Florence - Fortezza del Basso - Apartments and Bed & Breakfast and Residences - Lodging in the Fortezza Italy
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By location:
 Firenze  (33)
Santa Maria Novella  (3)
Santa Croce  (3)
San Marco  (3)
San Lorenzo  (4)
Repubblica - Duomo  (1)
Ponte Vecchio  (12)
Pitti - Santo Spirito  (1)
Fortezza  (1)
Duomo  (4)
Campi Bisenzio  (1)
 Napoli  (7)
 Roma  (7)
 Lucca  (2)
 Venezia  (2)
 Bologna  (1)
 Catania  (1)
 Ferrara  (1)
 Lecce  (1)
By type of accommodation:
 Apartments in Farmhouse  (16)
 Bed and Breakfast  (9)
 Apartment  (8)
 3 star hotel  (1)
 2 star hotel  (1)

The area to the north of the historical centre of Florence, the Fortezza da Basso, takes its name from the splendid and intact Renaissance fortress that was built in 1534 by the the Sangallo family, and paid for by the Medici family. The sturdy diamond shaped outer walls today house Florence's largest conference centre. The Fortezza da Basso is a ten minute walk from the centre of Florence, a five minute walk from the Santa Maria Novella train station, and a 20 minute drive from the airport.

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Apartments in Farmhouse Toscana Firenze - Fortezza da Basso 1383 Apartments
Daily Price: Min. € 50 Max. € 655

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