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Bed and Breakfast: Naples, city of art

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Min/week: € 343
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Max/day: € 110

Bed and Breakfast: Naples, city of art

Naples, city of art

Naples with palaces and buildings is a sort of open book: every monument is a piece of history of several dinasties that have been succeeded to the government of Naples.The Unesco has declared the urbanistic riches of Naples " humanity patrimony ", it is an immense patrimony that to go back to VII century a.C. There are museums, castells, antique city doors, fountans, parks and more than 200 churches with inside many paintings and sculptors.

The structure of the old Naples downt-town is very antique and is based on 3 axis,they go from est to west (Decumani), they are intersected by streets (Cardini) that go to north-south,they made the 'rectangulars block'(the old Insulae).

Il Decumano Superiore (Decuman Superior) takes is name from two ancient walls of the 2th century that support the Roman Theatre,the remains are still visible along the Anticaglia Street.Around this area there are ancient Churces like: S.Giovanni a Carbonara, S.Maria di Donnaregina and also the Ospedale degli Incurabili (hospital of the incurable).

Il Decumano Maggiore (the Major Decuman)is the recent Tribunali street wich is near to Capuano Castell that since the '500 has been the seat of Law Courts.In this area there is an high concentration of many ancient buildings and churches, like: the Greek-Roman ancient remains under the S.Lorenzo Maggiore Church and under the Duomo, the Girolami Convent wich is the current Conservatoire, the S.Pietro a Maiella and the Monte della Misericordia (the Mercy Mount) with a very important pinacotheca where are kept painting of Neapolitan'school of 18th & 19th century.

The Decumano Inferiore (the Decuman Inferior)is called Spacca Napoli becouse it seems to split Naples it two parts: Benedetto Croce street and S.Biagio dei Librai street. Beautiful are the churches in this area: Gesù Nuovo Church, S.Chiara Church.

Along this way you came to the S.Domenico Maggiore Square where you may visit the Basilicata and also la Cappella Sansevero (Sansevero Chapel),S.Angelo a Nilo church and the renowned S.Gregorio Armenio with its well-known market of shepherds and Arte Pastoraia (art of making shepherds).

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